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client testimonials

Andrea and Tim Van Gels

Thank you for your work on our system at our home. I appreciate the professionalism and phenomenal job!! We so appreciate the promptness to get our system in and your communication is always a plus!! I appreciate that Paul walked me through our system step by step and gave us additional information. We highly recommend you all 💯!! Most of all I love a good family business!! Thank you again!!

Harrison Booth

Talking with Kevin and Paul was the best customer service experience I’ve had in years. They obviously know what they are talking about and were able to answer any question I had. Paul was extremely polite and friendly. He had the system installed and running in just about 1 hour. 10/10 would highly recommend KWWT to anyone!

Mark Reno

After suffering with the effects of iron, sulphur and hardness from my well water, I decided to look into correcting the issues with water treatment equipment. My requirements in choosing a contractor included professionalism, quality of materials, meeting the desired results and trust. Kevin Wiggins Water Treatment thoroughly met all of the criteria. Kevin and Paul came out shortly after I called, tested the water, made a recommendation, and offered a proposal identifying the materials and service they would provide in order to rectify the issues I had. After agreeing on their proposal, we scheduled an installation date. Kevin and Paul were there on time and ready to complete the work. Upon completion, my wife and I noticed an immediate improvement in our water quality. I would recommend Kevin Wiggins Water Treatment to anyone who is experiencing problems with their water quality. I can assure you, you will be extremely pleased with the results! Thank you so much, Kevin and Paul, for taking such good care of us!!

Brian Belter

Moving to Umatilla, we were troubled by foul-smelling well water. Thankfully, we saw Kevin Wiggins Water Treatment’s billboard and decided to call. Kevin and Hollie came out, and Kevin quickly identified the issue with our water. His expertise and fair estimate convinced us to proceed. During the installation, they showed genuine interest in my military service. The contract price installed was $4,100.00 on the ticket. Under that was written “Donated system to customer.” I was in shock, my voice was shaky. I could not believe it. Kevin gave me a giant hug and told me that he really appreciates my service. I held back major crocodile tears. The water is now 100% better, and we couldn’t be happier with their outstanding service. If you need water treatment, go with Kevin Wiggins Water Treatment—a family-oriented company with a focus on quality, fair prices, and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Gary and Judy Blanchard

Thank you for the great process of installing our new system. From the first meeting with Kevin to the day of actual installation with Paul, it has been an incredible experience. When building a house an owner has many opportunities to work with different subs, and your company has been one of the best to deal with. Professional, polite, local folks all the way through the process. There is an instant level of confidence and trust given by KWWT. Good to know you are just a phone call away if there are any questions too. I’m sure we will enjoy our system for years to come.

Dave Caplis

After a multi-year renovation, we were eager to have our water turned back on, but were troubled by a strong sulfur odor and unpleasant taste. We explored various solutions, but the prices and mixed reviews left us hesitant. Then we discovered Kevin Wiggins Water Treatment. Their team, Kevin and Paul, impressed us from the start with their knowledge and patience in explaining our options. Opting for their aeration solution and a new water softener proved to be the right decision. The installation was swift and tidy, and our water issues vanished – no more odor, great taste, and easier maintenance. Kevin and Paul’s exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction have made all the difference. Thank you for providing us with impeccable support and enjoyable water!